Our Commitment to Safety

Our customers are encouraged to seek the advise of local governmental notices, and direction from venue planners on the appropriate safety precautions that should be taken for each planned destination.   Our company can only provide the transportation requested by the customer and utilize our safety measures that we have put into place.  We can not offer advice on what other steps customers should take once passengers leave our vehicles.  We can not guarantee that any passenger in any of our vehicles will not be exposed to covid19 or any other health issue through their exposure to other passengers that are present, or by the passenger visiting a particular venue or destination.  We can only provided generalized mitigation to help lesson the chances any exposures in our vehicles only.  Here are the safety precautions that we will be utilizing for each reservation:

1)  All chauffeurs will wear a mask during direct interaction with passengers.
2) All passengers that enter our vehicles will be required to first put on a new mask, provided by Mega Limoz LLC, EACH time they enter and exit the vehicle.
3) All Passengers will use hand sanitizer each time they enter the vehicle.  Our service will provide hand sanitizer.
4) All our vehicles will operate at 50% capacity.  A 10 passenger limousine will only have 5 passengers allowed into the vehicle during each trip.
5) No glassware, cups, or disposable products will be provided or placed in the vehicles except ice and bottled water.

Our Commitment to our Passengers

1)  Each vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized both with cold ionized disinfectant foggers and Discide disinfectant wipes prior to each reservation.
2) Each chauffeur will have available masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray and wipes available for each reservation.
3) Hand Held Thermometers will be available in each vehicle of passengers wish to have their temperatures checked during the reservation.

We look forward to providing safe transportation services for every customer reservation!